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Ben Piety Takes Sunlit Shadows to Sundance
(released 2/10/2008)

The last film from writer/director Benjamin Piety took him to the South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin and AFI Fest in LA.  The film was The Lonely Lights.  The Color of Lemons.  That film was made in Orlando while Ben was still at the University of Central Florida.  In the past year, Ben has moved to the Los Angeles area and made another short film, Sunlit Shadows.  This time, he made it into the pinnacle of film festivals in America... Sundance.

To make Sunlit Shadows, Ben teamed up with Morgan Gross.  Morgan edited the film and also executive produced.  Ben also teamed up with his DP from Lonely Lights, Scott Uhlfelder who is another UCF grad.

Sunlit Shadows takes a unique approach.  The filmmakers call it a visual mixed tape.  If you are old enough to remember the time before CDs, you'll get it right away.  The short film is visually played back twice.  The first half, Side A, you see the picture with the male lead voiceover.  The second half, Side B, you get the exact same picture with the female lead voiceover which shows her perspective.  It gives some explanation for how women and men can view the exact same experiences as different.

We had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Benjamin and Morgan on Friday, January 25th in Park City, Utah during the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Here is a link to our interview.  Interview (18mb - .mov format - requires Apple QuickTime)

You can get in contact with Ben through his website

To view the trailer for Sunlit Shadows and to find out more detailed information about the short film, go to

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