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Diamond Dog Caper Secures Domestic Distribution
(released 6/17/2008)

Diamond Dog Caper, which premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, has secured a domestic distribution deal with Screen Media Films via an output deal with Universal Studios Home Video. The film's release is scheduled for September.

Diamond Dog Caper stars French Stewart (3rd Rock From The Sun), Luke Benward (How To Eat Fried Worms), Brittany Curran (13 Going On 30) and Kevin Farley (Blonde & Blonder) in the story of a courageous boy who challenges a gang of bumbling thieves to rescue a dog carrying a fortune in stolen jewels. The story culminates in a battle between man's best friend and America's most wanted.

Diamond Dog Caper is the first of a slate of family comedy films in development by filmmaker Mark Stouffer, best known for the Warner Brothers/Morgan Creek feature Wild America, based on the true-life story of Mark and his two filmmaking brothers as adventurous teens. Stouffer created and produced Wild America with James Robinson, Steve Tisch, and Gary Barber.

Next in the production line-up is Misty Fox, co-written with screenwriter Dennis Johnson, to be directed and produced by Stouffer. Misty Fox is the story of a teen TV star whose publicity stunt goes hilariously awry, wreaking havoc on a small town and all its inhabitants.

Stouffer directed and produced Diamond Dog Caper, and co-wrote it with Dennis Johnson. Executive Producers were Mark Litwak and Jay Sedrish. Co-Producers were Wendy Winks and Rich Cowan.

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