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Spike Greenlights MANswers
(released 4/5/2007)

Spike TV has greenlit a new nine-episode comedic late-night series, "MANswers."

In each episode, "MANswers" races through re-enactments, expert one-on-ones and man-on-the-street interviews. This half-hour original series premieres on Spike TV in the Fall.

Some sample questions that will be posed this season include: Can you beat a breathalyzer?; What's the best human organ to eat if you are a cannibal?; How long can you survive on beer alone?; Can you beat a drug test?; and How tough are silicone implants?

"MANswers" is produced by Super Delicious LLP and Fujisankei Communications International. Adam Cohen, Cara Tapper and Joanna Vernetti of Super Delicious LLP, Michael J. Miller, and Akifumi Takuma of Fujisankei Communications International serve as Executive Producers. Sharon Levy, Tim Duffy, and Wayne Sampson will serve as Executives in Charge of Production for Spike TV.

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