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THINKFilm Teaming with Silverwood/Hunting Lane
(released 10/9/2007)

In a deal that reunites the production and distribution team responsible for last year's Oscar-nominated hit, Half Nelson, Silverwood Films, Hunting Lane Films, and THINKFilm have announced that they will join forces to make the romantic drama, Blue Valentine. Casting is underway on the project, which will be directed by Derek Cianfrance from a screenplay he wrote with Cami Delavigne and Joey Curtis, with a February, 2008 start date planned. Silverwood's Lynette Howell, and Hunting Lane's Jamie Patricof and Alex Orlovsky will produce, and THINKFilm will finance, distribute, and handle international sales on the project. Howell's partner, Doug Dey, will serve as executive producer.

A complex portrait of a contemporary American marriage, Blue Valentine tells the story of David and Cindy, a couple who have been together for several years but who are at an impasse in their relationship. While Cindy has blossomed into a woman with opportunities and options, David is still the same person he was when they met, and is unable to accept either Cindy's growth or his lack of it. Innovatively structured, the narrative unfolds in two distinct time frames, juxtaposing scenes of first love and youthful sexuality, with those of disenchantment and discord.

Cianfrance and the Blue Valentine script recently won the Chrysler Film Project, a competition that awards financing to an outstanding emerging feature film director, selected from over 550 submissions from across the country, overseen by IFP, and evaluated by a panel of eminent industry professionals. Cianfrance, a highly successful commercial, video and documentary director, won numerous prizes for his first feature, Brother Tied (Sundance, 1998) and was winner of a special Best Cinematography award at Sundance, 2003 for his work on Quattro Noza.

Mark Urman, along with Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Business Affairs Randy Manis, and Director of Acquisitions Ben Stambler, negotiated the deal on behalf of THINKFilm, with Graham Taylor of Endeavor Independent, representing the producers. Taylor was also integral in the arrangement between the producers and The Chrysler Film Project who, in addition to providing equity, will support the film with P&A.

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