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WarnerMedia Aims to Amplify Marginalized Voices   (released 3/4/2021)
Taraji and SJP Announce Golden Globe Nominations   (released 2/4/2021)
Eva Longoria Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony   (released 4/11/2018)
Prime Experience for Entertainment Lovers   (released 4/11/2018)
5 Film Slang Terms To Get You Set Ready   (released 4/3/2018)
SNEAKY PETE Incentivized to Move to Los Angeles   (released 3/20/2018)
75th Golden Globe Award Nominations   (released 12/13/2017)
Florida Project Ties NY Film Critics Best Picture   (released 12/13/2017)
Red Nation Film Festival is November 8-19   (released 11/6/2017)
Netflix Lands Letterman   (released 8/31/2017)
Encino Park Saturday Night Free Movie SING   (released 7/17/2017)
Orlando Comedian Preacher Lawson on NBC Tonight   (released 5/30/2017)
Tony Awards Nominations Announced   (released 5/2/2017)
PwC Statement Regarding Oscars Flub   (released 2/27/2017)
Iraq Director Hassan Cancels Miami Fest Attendance   (released 1/28/2017)
Spencer and Reynolds to get Hasty Pudding Pots   (released 1/25/2017)
89th Oscar Nominations Announced   (released 1/24/2017)
Original Scores announced for Oscar Eligibility   (released 12/15/2016)
Critics Choice Awards Gala is December 11 on A&E   (released 12/1/2016)
CBS Honoring Garry Marshall on The Odd Couple   (released 11/7/2016)
EMMYS Broadcast on Sunday, September 18   (released 9/14/2016)
BBC Worldwide in LA Looking for Interns   (released 9/9/2016)
Santa Clarita Becoming Desired Movie Location   (released 8/11/2016)
Hollywood Walk of Fame Class of 2017   (released 8/11/2016)
BAFTA Announces Britannia Award Honorees   (released 8/25/2015)
Pollak's Misery Loves Comedy Screening August 26   (released 8/20/2015)
Independent Spirit Awards Accepting Submissions   (released 8/17/2015)
30th Anniversary of Weird Science   (released 8/17/2015)
Recording Exec Joe Smith Walk of Fame   (released 8/17/2015)
A+E Networks Accepts Scripted/Unscripted Concepts   (released 7/21/2015)
NYTVF Independent Pilot Competition Taking Entries   (released 5/24/2015)
Final Three Shows - Late Show with David Letterman   (released 5/18/2015)
George Clooney 2015 Cecil B. Demille   (released 1/5/2015)
Tomorrow's Just a Future Yesterday for Ferguson   (released 12/19/2014)
HBO's Project Greenlight Is Back   (released 7/11/2014)
NBC Universal Pictures' Writers Fellowship   (released 8/30/2013)
LA-ughs, Shorts, Industry Insiders Gather April 4   (released 3/21/2013)
Jamie Foxx Unchained on the Oscar Stage   (released 2/19/2013)
Bullock, Kidman, Berry, Witherspoon @ Oscars   (released 2/13/2013)
"Mentalist" Simon Backer Valentine's Star Ceremony   (released 2/13/2013)
Street and Transportation Closures Oscar Week 2013   (released 2/13/2013)
Deadline for Nicholl Fellowships is May 1st   (released 4/4/2012)
LA Femme Film Festival Accepting Submissions   (released 7/27/2011)
Ernest Borgnine will be at the Egyptian   (released 4/7/2011)
Casting Male Comics to host Late Night Spike TV   (released 3/9/2010)
2:22 Has 3 Premieres in 3 Weeks   (released 10/7/2009)
Are you an American Tunt?   (released 7/13/2009)
ABC New Mark Burnett Show Shark Tank Open Call   (released 6/2/2009)
Dick's Electric Nature   (released 2/16/2009)
Dead Poets Society Scribe Tom Schulman to Speak   (released 2/11/2009)
Lily Tomlin will Host IDA Nominees Reception   (released 2/11/2009)
"Shoot In Detroit" Film Panel Discussion   (released 1/27/2009)
This Sunday Award Show presents new Statuette   (released 1/8/2009)
Sony Pictures Classics Picks Up Sugar   (released 8/8/2008)
Film Independent Announces Screenwriting Fellows   (released 8/6/2008)
Allstate Announces 3 Be Reel Finalists at ABFF   (released 8/5/2008)
Rick Nicita to Join Morgan Creek as Co-Chairman   (released 8/1/2008)
Dubbing Brothers upgrades Audio Facility   (released 8/1/2008)
Tyler Perry Signs First Look Deal with Lionsgate   (released 8/1/2008)
Miami Student Wins ED in 08 Scholarship Award   (released 6/17/2008)
Diamond Dog Caper Secures Domestic Distribution   (released 6/17/2008)
LA Film Fest to Premiere Journey in 3D   (released 6/3/2008)
Black Women in Film Honored at 9th HBFF   (released 6/3/2008)
Walt Disney Studios creates Kingdom Comics   (released 5/29/2008)
Open Call for Gong Show Hosted by Dave Attell   (released 5/20/2008)
Lionsgate Acquires Rights to The Perfect Game   (released 5/16/2008)
Crown Media Renews Agreement with Cablevision   (released 5/6/2008)
Actors and Producers Begin Talks   (released 4/15/2008)
China Film Group Partners / Opens LA Office   (released 4/14/2008)
Disney Pixar Announce Slate of Animations   (released 4/9/2008)
Lionsgate Adds More To Family Entertainment Line   (released 4/9/2008)
MGM & Relativity Acquire Rights to Matarese Circle   (released 4/7/2008)
Japan Film Festival Starts April 11th   (released 4/2/2008)
Incentives Office to Provide Discussion   (released 3/26/2008)
Hallmark Acquires Rights to 99 Disney Classics   (released 3/26/2008)
Lionsgate Acquires NA Rights to HIT Library   (released 3/25/2008)
Doc to Coincide with Women's History Month   (released 3/13/2008)
AccessIT Announces Next Phase of Digital Rollout   (released 3/11/2008)
Notable Directors Sign to Fear Itself Anthology   (released 3/4/2008)
2008 Independent Spirit Award Winners   (released 2/25/2008)
AMPAS Holding Hair & Makeup Symposium   (released 2/15/2008)
AMPAS presents Oscar Nominated Shorts   (released 2/15/2008)
Nashville Star Looking for Country Singers   (released 2/12/2008)
Ben Piety Takes Sunlit Shadows to Sundance   (released 2/10/2008)
Good Dick, Bigger, Stronger, Faster*   (released 1/17/2008)
NBC Orders Top Gear Pilot From BBC   (released 1/16/2008)
Axium Abruptly Closes Doors   (released 1/8/2008)
United Artists Strike Deal with Writers Guild   (released 1/8/2008)
Studio Center Total Production Acquires Tonic   (released 1/7/2008)
AFI Awards 2007 Selections Announced   (released 12/17/2007)
Jackass 2.5 First Studio Backed Web Release   (released 12/17/2007)
BFCA Announces Critics Choice Award Nominees   (released 12/12/2007)
Nick & DreamWorks Collaborate on Madagascar Series   (released 12/10/2007)
Independent Spirit Award Nominees Announced   (released 11/30/2007)
NewFilmmakersLA To Screen Finding Kraftland   (released 11/23/2007)
Dreamworks and IMAX Sign 4 Picture Deal   (released 11/16/2007)
Writers on Second Week of Strike   (released 11/12/2007)
Writers and Producers Talks Going Nowhere   (released 10/24/2007)
Shriekfest Winners Announced   (released 10/22/2007)
Writers' Strike Authorized by Members   (released 10/20/2007)
Jimmy Kimmel Live Morning and Night   (released 10/19/2007)
AFI Fest 2007 Honors Deneuve and Linney   (released 10/18/2007)
11th Annual Hollywood Film Festival   (released 10/17/2007)
Pare Lorentz Film Festival Runs Oct 18-21   (released 10/17/2007)
Panavision introduces Panalux Brand   (released 10/10/2007)
Jules Verne Coming to LA in December   (released 10/9/2007)
THINKFilm Teaming with Silverwood/Hunting Lane   (released 10/9/2007)
WGA Membership Asked for Strike Authorization   (released 10/5/2007)
Polychrome/BellaVic to Develop Roy Rogers Trilogy   (released 9/28/2007)
Shriekfest Announces List of Films & Screenplays   (released 9/19/2007)
Treo Mobile Comedy Film Fest Benefits ComedyCures   (released 9/14/2007)
Nickelodeon Looking For Youth Dancers This Weekend   (released 9/14/2007)
Elevate Festival Takes Over The Kodak   (released 8/31/2007)
Ricochet Hires O'Connell as Senior VP   (released 8/29/2007)
Xenon Set To Release Snoop Dogg's Hood of Horror   (released 8/28/2007)
UA Secures $500MM in Financing   (released 8/17/2007)
The Air I Breathe Gets THINKFilm Distribution   (released 8/15/2007)
Hollyshorts Awards Over $26,000 in Prizes   (released 8/13/2007)
Filmmaker Bell Has 3 Films in LA Shorts   (released 8/13/2007)
Weinstein Launches Asian Film Fund   (released 8/8/2007)
NickToons Animation Festival All This Month   (released 8/8/2007)
THREE-FIFTY Making the Festival Rounds   (released 8/2/2007)
'Shifting the Canvas' Signs Scott Thompson   (released 8/2/2007)
Winning Films Online from Student Festival   (released 7/30/2007)
Lionsgate Takes Minority Ownership of Roadside   (released 7/30/2007)
Vaughn Witherspoon To Star For New Line   (released 7/27/2007)
Xoom Entertainment Hires on Zimmerman as VP   (released 7/27/2007)
Saw Producer & Director To Remake Scanners   (released 7/26/2007)
World Premiere of Who's Your Caddy?   (released 7/18/2007)
Proceeds from Arctic Tale To Benefit Nature Funds   (released 7/12/2007)
Justin.TV Breaking New Ground   (released 6/27/2007)
USA Runs Spot Free Premiere of Burn Notice   (released 6/26/2007)
Wizard of Gore Screens Thursday at LAFilmFest   (released 6/25/2007)
2007 Student Academy Award Winners   (released 6/18/2007)
Music and Film To Be Celebrated on TV Event   (released 6/5/2007)
Readers Digest, Fox, Peace Arch To Begin Filming   (released 5/30/2007)
Lionsgate Closes Innovative Film Financing   (released 5/30/2007)
THINKFilm and Discovery Acquire Taxi Rights   (released 5/24/2007)
Weinstein Co Join Forces with Exodus   (released 5/24/2007)
HBO Call for Entries - ABFF Comes To LA   (released 5/22/2007)
LA Director Takes Miami Film To Cannes Market   (released 5/8/2007)
Wired Mag and KCET Get Greenlight on Wired Science   (released 5/1/2007)
Lifetime Greenlights The Gathering   (released 4/24/2007)
Radio Show Devoted To Film Scene   (released 4/19/2007)
SHUT UP & SING travels with the Dixie Chicks   (released 4/19/2007)
Indian Film Festival Enters Fifth Year   (released 4/16/2007)
San Pedro Hosts 4th LA Harbor Intl Film Festival   (released 4/10/2007)
Winners Announced for mobifest LA   (released 4/5/2007)
Spike Greenlights MANswers   (released 4/5/2007)
An Evening with Doc Filmmaker Albert Maysles   (released 3/31/2007)
Key Dates Announced for 80th Academy Awards   (released 3/21/2007)
Lucasfilm Opens Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge   (released 3/14/2007)
MTV Movie Awards to Add Best Spoof Category   (released 3/13/2007)
Regal Gains 3 More IMAX Theaters   (released 3/12/2007)
Sundance Channel To Debut 'The Green' April 17   (released 3/9/2007)
Lifetime Gets a 'Side Order'   (released 3/9/2007)
Academy/UCLA Doc Series Continues Its 25th Year   (released 3/7/2007)
Darren Lynn Bousman to Helm Saw IV   (released 2/20/2007)
ASC Holds Outstanding Achievement Awards   (released 2/19/2007)
UCLA Honors ASC Greats   (released 2/19/2007)
$1 Million in Florida Incentive Funds Available   (released 2/12/2007)
THINKFilm Acquires 'The Ten' for North America   (released 1/29/2007)
Oscar Nominations Announced   (released 1/23/2007)
Alley To Star / EP Lifetime Movie   (released 1/13/2007)
DeLaurentiis Gambino Team Up To Adapt My Only Son   (released 1/12/2007)
Five Earn Outstanding Feature Noms From ASC   (released 1/11/2007)
NALIP Announces Conference 8   (released 1/3/2007)
Sony, Disney Have Record Years   (released 1/2/2007)
Shriekfest Announces Call For Entries   (released 1/2/2007)
HFPA Announces Golden Globe Nominations   (released 12/14/2006)
AFI Honors Outstanding Movies and TV Programs   (released 12/12/2006)
Ron Howard To Receive ASC Board of Governors Award   (released 12/7/2006)
Engelman Elected Governor of AMPAS Makeup Branch   (released 12/7/2006)
Documentary Series Concludes with IMAX Films   (released 12/7/2006)
Help SAG Foundation By Searching the Internet   (released 8/10/2006)